Who We Are

About Us



We are an events organizing company that crafts engaging mega platforms for those stakeholders of the world economies who require a compelling voice in communicating to a global audience. Our company is built on a sense of purpose. As a source of ideas and experiences we aim to inspire generations and contribute to a sense of global community with content that captivates and enthralls world leaders to educate as well as share their knowledge, experiences and best practices.

iCONEX Bahrain is a leading trade, consumer shows and LIVE Concert organizing company that exemplifies the spirit of innovation and vibrancy. We believe in creating experiences that are focused on bringing together crème de la crème of the industry experts from different sectors under one roof. We are specialists in forming platforms for the opinion leaders and industry stakeholders to meet, network and inspire each other with new and innovative ideas springing to business excellence. We have successfully launched and organized renowned national as well international shows and aim to keep the momentum up in the years to follow.

Our Approach


We are committed towards bringing the world closer and are determined to keep making efforts for creating global forums that witness world leaders and visionaries discussing a better tomorrow.

Our Values


Spirit of Innovation: Our customers are Global Leaders and we are devoted to bring their vision to reality. We are enthusiastic and open to new ideas for creating spaces that are inspiring and ambience that offers unforgettable experiences.

Passion: We take pride in meeting expectations of our clients and consistently seek to excel and enhance the offering made by our shows.

Integrity: We believe integrity to be a principle for sustainable relationships. We believe in doing the right thing by being ethical, moral and honest in our conduct.

Commitment to Excellence: Our customers are professionals who are bound to excellence and we are dedicated to bring out the elements of brilliance to life. We believe in driving goals efficiently by challenging our potential and pushing our limits.